03 February 2010

Buy a hat


Adults/teens: $20.00
Child (3-10yrs): $15.00
Toddlers (1-3yrs): $12.00 
babies(0-1yrs.): $10.00

A few people have expressed interest in buying a Greek hat from me.

First of all, I am honored that someone would want something that I made, so thank you for that!

Crocheting is a new hobby of mine and I am very proud of my Greek heritage, so to mix the two is awesome!

These hats are made out of Acrylic yarn.( machine washable)


21-24in. circumference
9-10in. length
20-22in. circumference
9-10in. length
- Child (3-10 yrs)
19-20.5in circumference
8.5in length
-Toddlers (12month-3yrs)
18-20in. circumference
8 in. length
(6-12 months)
16-19in. circumference
7.5 in. length
(3-6 months)
14-17in. circumference
6.5-7in length


Adults/teens: $20
Child (3-10yrs): $15 
babies/toddlers (0-3yrs.): $12

I ship from Canada;
(unless I am in the States visiting family and I can mail them from there if you are in the U.S.)

I will get more current prices for shipping and I can let you know what it is, case by case.   I am not looking to make money on shipping.  :)


Currently through paypal or cheque only.

Please email me: greekhatATgmailDOTcom

for details!

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