03 February 2010

Free Kufi cap Crochet pattern

If you post this pattern on your blog/website, I would kindly just ask that you would link it back to me.  I hope that the pattern is useful to you, and that you will share it!!   Let me know if you make one; I would love to see it and leave me a comment!  Happy crocheting.  :)

Inspiration photos:

My finished results below
(with Bernat Super Value worsted medium weight.)
(Note: the lovely flower is not my pattern, it comes from "Bonita Patterns".

Finished results (with Bernat satin solids) below:

size H hook
worsted weight yarn ( I used Bernat Super Value Solid)
Hat length: 7.5 in.
Hat Circ: 18in.
Gauge: 3 stitches and 3 rows= 1inch single crochet stitches.

Here is what I did:

Crown of hat

ch4 join w/sl st

RD1: ch1, 6 sc in ring, join w/ sl st. in 1st sc. (6sc)

RD2: ch1, 2sc in each around; join w/sl st in 1st sc. (12sc)

RD3: ch1, 2sc in same, 1sc in next, *2sc in next, 1sc in next* around; join w/sl st to 1st sc. (18sc)

RD4: ch1 *,2sc in same, 1sc in next 2 sc, * around; join. (24sc)

RD5: ch1, *2sc in same, 1sc in next, 3sc* around; join. (30sc )

RD 6: ch1, *2sc in same, 1sc, in next 4sc * around; join (36sc)

RD 7: ch1, *2sc in same, 1sc, in next 5sc, *around; join. (42sc)

RD 8: ch1, *2sc in same, 1 sc in next 6sc* around; join. (48sc)

Optional: YOU MAY/MAY NOT NEED THIS ROW depending on what size YOU are making (I stopped with round 8:)

RD 9: ch1, *2 sc in same, 1sc in next 7sc* around; join. (54sc)

(the # of rows may very depending on how long you want to make it)

RD 10-16
ch 1 sc in each sc around; join. (48sc)

RD 17
(the shells in the kufi cap):

all in 1st stitch(ch3, 3dc), skip 2sc * in next stitch: 4dc; skip 2sc ,* around; join. (64sc)

Rd 18
Sl st between 2nd and 3rd dc in first group of 4dc. then (ch3, 3dc) in that space, * in next space between 2nd and 3rd dc of group, 4dc*, around. Join (64sc)

RD 19
sl st between the 2nd and third dc, then (ch3, 3dc), *between the 2nd and 3rd dc of next 4dc, do 4dc* around; join. (64sc)

RD 20
ch1, sc in same, sc in each of next 2 sc, sk1sc, *1sc in each of next 3sc, sk1sc* around; join. (48sc)

RD 21-23 (0r as many as you want)
ch1 sc in same, sc in each sc around; join (48sc)
You're done! :)

**This could be longer/shorter depending on your preference......

My hat measured 7.5inches long and 18 inches circ. (roughly a 12m-3yr size)....

I am going to make a few more (in other colors of course) and I think using a thinner yarn (a fingering weight perhaps? Anyone out there know?) would help the look to be more like the inspiration photo even further......

************another hat thinner yarn below  (fingering weight yarn)***************

email me or write me a comment with any questions you have.  :)


Alyson said...

Hey Soph! I'm going to try this with a nice thick Alpaca yarn I have.....it's softer then wool and has great texture. I'll take a pic when I'm done and let you know how I did :)

Sam said...

Thank you so much for the pattern!
Do you mind if I sell my finished products at local craft sales?
Here is a link to the first one I did. It was done in organic DK weight cotton. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v704/bttrflysam/IMG_2097copy2.jpg

Sophia said...

You are very welcome!
I am happy to share the pattern and it truly makes me very happy to see someone else use it too!

Your hat looks awesome!
No I don't mind at all if you sell your hats, but thank you for asking; I hope you sell alot of them. :)

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

This is a beautiful crochet pattern. I have been looking for something to make for my nieces for Christmas and bday's. I saw another hat somewhere similar to this one and I LOVE IT. Do you have a video tutorial on it or is there a video tutorial that you know of on another site. I do appreciate it. I just started crocheting so I am still learning. Thanks so much!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

p.s. And thanks again for the pattern. I do appreciate it! :)

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

I have one question. I hope you don't mind me asking. Can you please tell me what type of yarn (cotton, acrylic?) and do you know if acrylic is itchy? I found some called Caron and it's very soft and nice but I want to buy what is cheap. lol But if it's going to be itchy on their heads then there's no point in making it so I would need to use the soft. Thanks

Sophia said...

Hi there!
I am glad you found this pattern and I hope you will enjoy making hats!
I too am a fairly new crocheted ( I delved in when i was pregnant with my now 2-yr old daughter)....
I will try to answer your questions and I hope I don't miss anything :)

1) acrylic isn't itchy but it will likely get a pilly,fuzzy look. The white hat I made was with a cheap acrylic and it did star to pill with time (and then we lost it!). :(
Also sice it is thick,acrylic will be warm too.

2) the brown hat I made with a 4ply fingering weight yarn. A little hard for me to work with at first bc I am used to worsted weight yarns.
3) you can use any yarn weight you choose. You will just need to account for the # of stitches it will take for a thick/thin yarn to fulfill the # of inches you need to go around. I hope this makes sense. ( for hat sizes there is an awesome reference chart I linked to). I learned to crochet watching her videos. :)
4). I don't have any videos, I am sorry. The hat is basically a single-crochet beanie and then you a few rows of that special stitch there.

5) oh and using a thinner weight yarn shows off the details of the rows better if that matters.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I visited your blog and saw the hat you made recently. Great job! I can't believe you have only been at it for a month!
I can't wait to see your finished product. :)
Are you on revelry.com? It's a great crochet/knitting resource.

God bless,

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Hi Sophia! Thanks for the information. It helps a ton! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That was the first hat I ever made. I followed a crochet tutorial on youtube by a lady named Teresa (The Art of Crochet) She is great! I have found crocheting to be very therapeutic and love it! My mom crochets a lot of stuff and she got me started on it but I thought I would NEVER like crocheting. I thought it looked boring. Boy was I wrong. I am in love with crocheting! Yea I can't wait for you to see my finished product and I will always be coming to check out your blog.

Yes ravelry.com is where I found you. I had seen that pattern of hat before and I loved it. You were the only one of ravelry that I found with that pattern. I love ravelry too! It's awesome. I found it about a week ago and got my mom started on it too.

So glad to meet you. :) Looking forward to getting to know you. And thanks ago for the info. It's helps so much and it help to talk to other ladies with the same hobbies.

God Bless!

Sophia said...
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Sophia said...

Ravelry is awesome. Friend me on there please :)

Teresa's videos are awesome- a great help!

raquel7 said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS FOR FREE!!!!! I have been trying to find this pattern....I'm going to get started shortly.I CAN'T WAIT :D

Sophia said...

My pleasure :) I know how much I have benefitted from free patterns so I am glad to share one too. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Make sure you post a link or email me so I can see pictures of your hat!!

-Sarah said...

is there a sizing chart?

-Sarah said...

never mind :) i found it

The Crochet Diva said...

This is a great pattern. However, when I got to the shells it started to look crazy when I had to sl st between 2 & 3 and then do the chain. So what I did was skip a few (maybe 3) and do 4 dc in the center chain of the 1st set of shells. It still looks like what you did only altered a little, lol. I'm going to open my inactive blog and share the photo so you can view what I did. Sometimes you just have to wing it, lol Thanks again for the pattern!

Sherry said...

I love this hat! It is so cute.