08 March 2010

how often?

Is finding time to crochet something you often think about? When I first started crocheting a coupe of years ago, I would make one thing and then not make another for awhile. (this might also have something to do with having a newborn at the time, also!)   
 I must admit, that in the last 6 months, it has been something that I want to do every day!
 As a mother of three young children (the youngest is just under 2) I can't always just take out some yarn whenever I feel like it; or else the ball becomes a magnet, and I have a toddler trying to unravel it for me!!  

So I usually have to reserve my creative time to naptime or after bedtime, so long as those other pesky things like laundry and dishes are already done!  :)

 So, when do YOU crochet?  

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